Shifting to Relationship Topics

Hello, my little Lovescrews! (That’s what I’m tentatively calling my readers now)

I realize I haven’t written much for this blog for the past month or two–we can probably blame that on my hectic extra-curricular schedule and general laziness. It’s been especially tricky for me to write for Lovescrewed lately because I’ve been dating someone, and I’ve been trying to find my comfort level with posting what I write about our relationship. Is it more important to help others by writing about the issues I go through in my current relationship, or should I keep this part of my life strictly intimate? Will it be awkward if I still write about problems I had with exes? Will my boyfriend (and everyone else) think I’m not over past relationship trauma if I write about it? These are the questions that haunt me at night (but not really).

Just a few months ago, I had planned to stay away from dating for a long time. I was going through a period of personal growth and had no intention on letting romance get in the way of who I wanted to become. But as I’ve learned over the past month, dating someone doesn’t mean you have to stop growing as a person. In fact, being in a relationship is helping me continue to grow as an individual immensely. It’s┬áchallenging me to think critically about the choices I make, redefine the opinions I have on love, and work hard to find the perfect balance between keeping my individuality while being open to loving someone deeply.

If you continue to follow my blog, you will probably notice a shift in topics or my attitude towards relationships. Many of my past articles focused on self-love, self-healing from heartbreak, and dealing with loneliness. As I won’t be focusing on those issues in my personal life as much as I used to, my writing will reflect that shift (but self-love is still so important, so I’ll try to keep this a constant on Lovescrewed). Instead, I’ll write more about general relationship issues, long distance relationships (I’m working on my first ebook on this topic!), and personal growth topics.

I’m not sure where my current circumstances will lead my writing, but I’m excited to explore it, and to share what I learn on this journey with anyone who might find it helpful.


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