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Zero IS a Size

I know I’ve read before about Sophia Bush boycotting Urban Outfitters because they released a shirt that says “Eat Less,” which encourages eating disorders, and there are some articles about it circulating on my Facebook newsfeed. I wholeheartedly agree that the message on that shirt is obviously horrible and problematic; I agree that the company… Read More Zero IS a Size

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This is a poem I wrote yesterday and wanted to share with my readers. You spend your whole life with a small group of people. They teach you how to live, take care of you, feed you, shelter you, hold you, cherish you. Then when you grow to an arbitrary age, eighteen, everything changes. You… Read More 20

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A Personal Reflection: Relationships, Empowerment, and New Goals

This is a very long personal essay I wrote in June this year–before I started blogging regularly–which I think (and hope) is interesting because it charts where I was at the beginning of my summer journey of self-discovery. Just sharing it with anyone who might want to read it. ________________________________ Disclaimer: I am in no… Read More A Personal Reflection: Relationships, Empowerment, and New Goals